Why use Zatar's industry solutions?

Improved Efficiency

Understand how your assets are being used and translate that data into actionable insight to improve efficiency and eliminate waste.

Visibility & Insight

Harness crucial data that informs business decisions. Translate that data into meaningful business intelligence so that you can maintain efficient operations.

Real-time Data

Data is everywhere and it's available anytime. Gain real-time insight into operations so that you can deploy critical changes at a snapshot in time.


Healthcare Vertical Solution

Enhance patient care and decrease time-to-care by implementing a Zebra healthcare solution.

Healthcare solutions


Retail Solution

Improve customer satisfaction and targeted omnichannel solutions with a Zebra retail solution.

Retail solutions


Harness real-time data and operational transparency with a Zebra manufacturing solution.

Manufacturing solutions

Transportation & Logistics

Gain insight into logistics and asset utilization with Zebra transportation and logistics solutions.

Transporation & logistics solutions