Core Features - Avatar

Avatar: a homepage for your device.

Zatar is all about the avatar: Zebra avatar. But what is an avatar? Avatars are digital representations of devices and connected things on the Internet. A collection of data points about specific things, an avatar is like a homepage for your device. You can use the Zatar APIs to interact with avatars programmatically or you can go straight to the Zatar Device Portal for an out-of-the-box way to access that data. 

And best of all, avatars live in the cloud so you can interact with them from anywhere and then share just about anything that exists in your world!

Core Features - World

Worlds: collaboration simplified.

Zatar provides worlds where your avatars can live and play. A world in Zatar is much like an account. It's an online place where you can manage and maintain your connected things by interacting with their avatars.

Zatar lets you add your connected things to your world. When you sign up, you're automatically given a private world. But you can invite others (and others can invite you) to share worlds and the connected things within them!

And don't forget about the Zatar public world, a place where you can share your connected things for all members of Zatar to view.


Automations, Events & Notifications

Automations allow you to create automatic notifications of certain events in Zatar. You can select from predefined properties and set triggers that will notify you when certain criteria is met. Automations can be created, edited, viewed and deleted at the world level and combined with Events to trigger Notifications.

Events are created by Event Definitions that link properties to specific statuses. You can select Events from a predefined list to trigger Notifications to your email using a predefined email notification template.

Sign up and take Zatar for a spin.